Inspiring leaders in STEM

If you're developing leaders and leadership teams in STEM, Biotech and Pharma, you are in exactly the right place.

The Clearworks team specialises in working with scientific and technical leaders from these sectors to build leadership confidence, flexibility, courage and balance.

At Clearworks, we know and love the idiosyncrasies of working with smart, expert individuals who have lived and breathed science, tech and engineering most of their lives. We understand that after a lifetime celebrating accuracy, precision and specific knowledge, it can be a big challenge to move to a more intuitive, whole-hearted leadership style.

Developing your leadership population will transform your culture. Enabling your scientific leaders to relax into the bravest conversations and presentations, build the vision and engage their teams, will raise your whole organisational performance, no question. You’ll attract more talent, keep your best people and impact the bottom-line quickly. Help experts move from research roles to a commercial mindset more quickly.

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    • Individual Leadership
    • Enable scientific and technical experts to really crack their own personal leadership style, so that they can step up into the senior leadership positions with authority, confidence and balance.
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    • Lab to Leadership™
    • Put development in place early in the career path, for your smartest technical experts and scientists. Build self-awareness and an understanding of the core foundations of successful and balanced leadership. Balance training input with coaching to ensure your high potential leaders stick with you and grow.
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    • High Performing Teams
    • Bring teams together to develop great thinking. Explore ways to align, understand and communicate optimally. What can this team achieve that the individuals can’t achieve alone? How can the team accelerate while remaining well and happy? How can it become an aspirational place to belong?
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    • Leader as Coach
    • Build the skills of great coaching inside your leadership population. Develop a culture of coaching and ensure coach training, support and supervision is top quality, in groups and one to one. Be more curious and notice the lift in innovation, trust and listening.
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    • Female leaders
    • Provide specialised development for women as they navigate the unique transitions and challenges at work: as they do the juggle… when they may be outnumbered… when bias might sneak in… or when they’re really ambitious and ready to fly.
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    • Inclusive Leadership
    • Build a culture which embraces and celebrates difference, and makes everyone feel that they belong and can contribute to the conversation. Promote innovation, performance and delivery across the organisation through a group coaching approach.
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Our mission

At Clearworks, we’re on a mission to help exceptional scientists and technical experts become more fulfilled, confident senior leaders. We believe that healthy, happy, high performing leaders will inspire the best innovation and progress in the STEM, biotech and pharma sectors. We’re proud to play our part in helping you achieve this.