Lab to leadership™

For new and aspiring leaders in the STEM, Biotech and Pharma sector.

  • Develop and retain emerging leadership talent within your organisation
  • Avoid hunting outside to pay for senior leaders that you could’ve grown at home
  • Enable your scientists, engineers and technical experts find their inspirational leadership voice and style
  • Raise leaders’ self-awareness; help them share their vision and inspire their teams

When leadership opportunities come along, scientists and engineers tell us there can be a troubling dip in confidence that means they may fend off senior leadership positions for longer than needed, or return as soon as they can to ‘individual contributor’ roles. What a tragic loss of potential, if brilliant tech experts and scientists avoid these roles and don’t spread their influence further.

Being a brilliant scientist or engineer doesn’t automatically mean you’re a brilliant leader. It does however give you a great platform to get started. Ambitious and sharp brained experts respond very quickly to great development and coaching. As they connect with their strengths, understand their impact on others and their own individual style of leadership, their confidence and performance grow quickly. The longer the wait for leadership development, the longer the wait for the organisational impact.

Is this programme right for your organisation?

This may be right for you if you are responsible for developing leaders in a STEM, Biotech or Pharma organisation and you:

  • Wish to accelerate emerging leaders
  • Are frustrated that the emotional intelligence, EQ, doesn’t always match IQ
  • Can see gaps in confidence in your new and aspiring leaders
  • Wish you had more impactful presenters and influencers to build impact internally and outside
  • See gaps in core capabilities such as giving feedback or flexing style
  • Don’t know where the senior succession plan will come from

At Clearworks we deliver an engaging, affordable approach to developing technical experts from “Lab To Leadership”™ that moves people through a leadership pathway, earlier in their career than classic Executive Coaching.

Who runs the programme?

We understand that you need to be able to trust the credibility of the facilitators. Everyone in the Clearworks team has the qualifications and credibility to support your STEM leaders. We’ve been trusted by STEM organisations since 2013, including Astex, Biogen, GSK, Imperial College, Merck, NHS, Amazon, Roche and many more. You’re in safe hands.

How is the Lab to Leadership™ programme delivered?

This programme comprises a combination of solo learning, small group development sessions, work-place based practice and observation and 121 coaching.

Time commitment varies from four full days to eight 3-hour sessions, plus solo learning and 121 coaching.

It is delivered with a coaching approach, in combination with research-based content: no judgement, open, listening, questioning and adult-to-adult facilitated learning.

The Lab To Leadership ™ programme also contains an EQ-i self-assessment; contracting with delegates’ leaders; practice, feedback and 121 coaching, and is tweaked to reflect your focus.

This is a simple example of an eight session plan

  1. Knowing myself, resilience & the vision
  2. Knowing and inspiring others; translating strategy into team performance
  3. Strengths & Confidence: throwing out the imposter and ‘being’ a leader
  4. Looking up and out: reputation, stakeholders and legacy
  5. Skills – presenting with confidence and impact
  6. Skills – giving feedback
  7. Present back: Learning, focus, next steps.
  8. Engagement with senior leaders – show and tell

Delegates expect their own leaders’ support throughout and continue self-led learning between sessions, with practice challenges to complete.

What are we aiming to cause?

By the end of this programme we’d expect your new and aspiring leaders to have a renewed sense of their own leadership identity, moving from scientist to leader; from researcher to commercial thinker. They’d have confidence in their ability to flex their style to adapt to situational challenges and have a raised awareness of how other people tick, in order to lead them with more flexibility.

They’ll be more savvy about taking the overall goals from the organisational strategy and setting (and leading) their own teams towards that. They’d have new and practiced skills in presenting with confidence, feedback and delegation, and the chance to work alone with a coach, and with their own leader, to pin down any concerns or gaps, as well as their strengths and unique leadership identity.

They will also have explored their advocates and stakeholders, to seek support and influence further afield.