Clearworks Coaching Circles

What are they?

They are confidential, challenging, supportive group coaching programmes that consist of 6 half-day sessions, monthly.

They combine a semi-structured design with a bespoke executive coaching experience. They’ve been tried and tested for many years in the STEM, pharma and biotech sectors.

What are the benefits?

Your organisation can really accelerate and inspire behaviour and culture change at a much lower price point than 1-to-1 coaching. Low costs, maximum results. They are a huge first step in building a coaching culture in your organisation.

What are the commercials?

£15k for 6 months 6 members per circle

Where do Coaching Circles help the most?

  • Developing & retaining female leaders
  • Breaking down silos and building across teams
  • Developing coaching cultures
  • Supporting wellbeing & resilience in Leaders & Teams
  • Parental returners

What is the magic of Coaching Circles?

  • We use all we know about the psychology and benefits of ‘belonging’ and build the groups purposefully to connect leaders. The confidentiality is tight, so the group members share a sense of purpose and empathy, trust and courage, experimentation and vulnerability.
  • Our coaches have years of experience and are confident to explore anything that comes up in the group. They’re responsive and flexible to the needs of each circle.
  • Members of each circle share an intention which drives peer accountability.
  • The circles are aligned with organisational goals and purpose, so change can be cascaded quickly.
  • Circle members each work on their own separate challenges, focused throughout on things they can personally control and influence.

How do Coaching Circles link back to the organisation?

Senior leadership involvement is key to the circles’ success and critical stakeholders are fully engaged throughout. Mentoring, reverse-mentoring, accountability partners and managers can all be knitted into the programme.

What happens when more than one Coaching Circle is running within an organisation?

Then a movement can begin! The impact of running Coaching Circles across an organisation can be profound, as members understand the power of working in trust and accountability. Cultures can be impacted, and progress accelerated. Communication can be improved between teams and organisational ‘pain points’ can be tackled with moment