Psychometric Assessments and Feedback Tools

If you’re aiming to change and develop leadership behaviours in your organisation, you’re going to need to start with the truth – the whole, objective truth. The beauty of using psychometric and other assessment tools, is that they enable us to establish a data point to provoke useful conversations. Technical and scientific leaders tend to respond especially well to starting with the fact-based data before moving into more qualitative conversations.

Mind the gap

When coaching, the ability to explore any gaps in perception between leaders’ own beliefs, and those of their teams, bring rich opportunities to grow. Without data or examples, conversations can remain tentative, subjective, sometimes even inaccurate. The way we are perceived, is the truth for our teams, so understanding that, is powerful.

The tools

The Clearworks team uses a broad variety of tools. We can align with your in-house preference, or we can also recommend specialist tools and tests as appropriate. The most commonly used tools tend to fall into the groups of:

Emotional Intelligence Assessment;
Strengths Identification;
Personality Preference and Profile;
Behavioural and Leadership Style preferences.

Read more about our take on psychometrics here:

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Here’s a selection of tools used by the accredited coach team at Clearworks.