Early Career Development

There are so many reasons to develop the early leadership pipeline inside your STEM organisation. Holding onto all that systemic, internal knowledge and talent is priceless. As your organisation grows and your technical experts move from laboratory or tech role to the leadership of humans, you’ll need to help them develop the confidence to deal with that shift.

It’s so expensive to go hunting for external leaders, and truly unnecessary in most instances. We urge you to consider spending less money, but spending earlier, to develop and hold onto all the leadership potential inside your own teams.

So often, we receive enquiries from organisations looking to help their experienced scientists or developers jump into senior leadership roles from a standing start. Feeling sick about the big feedback conversations; worried to death about presenting at the international conference; drowning in work, unable to delegate; feeling a crisis of identity as they are asked to leave their technical speciality behind and discuss “vision and inspiration”..

Developing more leadership confidence earlier in your people will make a transformational difference to your organisation.

Maybe you’re not sure where to start; or maybe it feels expensive. How will you know the development you’re offering will work?

Our years of developing leaders in STEM, Biotech and Pharma organisations have led to our design of specialist programmes for aspiring and emerging leaders in these sectors. Based in conversation and practice-led programmes, action-learning and a coaching approach, we’ll bring the content to life and make it relevant and action-focused.

Read more about our licenced programme “Lab To Leadership” ™ for early career development, and contact us to develop your emerging and aspiring leaders more quickly.

Lab to Leadership™