Aly King-Smith

Business Founder • Executive Coach • Change Facilitator • Speaker

As Owner of Clearworks, Aly works freelance with trusted partners to deliver executive coaching and facilitation across the UK, Europe and the US. She also has a broad network of associates who bring together an exceptional depth of experience and talent, including NLP, MBTI, Team Coaching, Supervision, EQ and 360s, Training, Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Actors for Role-Play.

Her commitment at Clearworks is to delivering top quality 1:1 and group executive coaching and facilitation in an environment of integrity and trust. She is a commercial and strategic individual with a constant eye on robust outcome measures.

Aly has been working in boutique consultancy since April 2005, and freelance since 2013. She has recently worked within GSK, Biogen, National Exhibition Centre, General Pharmaceutical Council, Astrazeneca, Audible, Deutsche Bank, Takeda.

Aly is founder of the fast growing start up The Bird Table. She’s on a mission to help more women be more successful in business as quickly as possible. The Bird Table is a network of exceptional coaches who run business development groups for women. They run Bird Tables in environments including Corporate, SME, Maternity, Schools and Charity sectors. You can read about them here and

She is constantly looking for great coaches who have a passion for working with women, to join the members’ network, so please get in touch if you match.